Why should you protect your IP?

If you’ve ever taken out an insurance on any personal possession, then not investing in intellectual property is an oxymoron.

Dominate Your Market

Protecting your business’ IP ensures that you are able to dominate the market without anyone copying you.


Investors are far more likely to invest in companies that have their IP protected. If you are raising funds, protecting your IP is essential.

Sell Licenses

Grow and strengthen your business’ bottom line by licensing your IP rights to people interested in your business.

Bespoke Orientation in 4 Steps

Here at Fractional IP we work with small to large businesses to protect their intellectual property and ideas in order to maximise their earning potential.

There is no value in your idea if it is not protected.

#1 IP Sensitisation

Why your business should make use of intellectual property rights

This is the preliminary assessment phase during which the Fractional IP team identifies the nature of a product or service. Determining the proprietary market advantage and the key performance advantage, are the main event here. This is when we elucidate the client with relative and bespoke IP information but also give an overview of IP advantages and the paradigm shift that needs to happen for the business to reinvent the way it harnesses intellectual assets.

#2 IP Protection

Protect your ideas and hard work

After stage one has been completed (and assuming a business or the leader have gained the positive grasp on matter relative to their intellectual property), the protection phase will move in. This is when a thorough analysis of the preliminary technical IP work will be undertaken. The business budget and objectives will be taken into consideration at this phase. The Fractional IP team will study the market landscape, conduct technology or product mapping, competitive analysis both to deepen its understanding of state of the art and to help business owner around any infringement dangers.

Whenever I have a question regarding IP or law I always turn to Akeem. He explains complex definitions and laws in a easily understandable way. Akeem always does more than I expect and he makes sure to offer the best service and highest quality of work. I recommend Akeem to all of my friends and acquaintances. He has great values and it is my great pleasure to work with Akeem.

Ani Manukyan, Entrepreneur
Intellectual property is a solution to many of your business problems.

#3 IP Propel

Grow your business using your intellectual property

In stage 3, the IP – propel phase, new IP is actually developed and a portfolio will begin to take shape from here. The Fractional IP team will use their product innovation skill set to enhance the client market competitive advantage. This is when a combination of R&D, IP savvy due diligence and strategy consultation comes into play; Defining and protecting the critical inventive steps that are most essential to the product success development and the overall business exit value for the stakeholder.

#4 IP Wealth Generation

Brand value through strategic use of intellectual property

In the wealth generation phase, the team prepare for commercial launch of the IP portfolio. This is when the business seeks out potential licensing, opportunities, strategic partnership and vertical market integration or application. A comprehensive IP audit will either precedes this stage or happen concurrently with IP – WG. Also during this phase, a thought will be also given to IP-related element in the future financial plan, and a constant estimate of the value of IP owned by the company.

Akeem is a pleasure to work with, extremely generous with his time and more importantly, an expert in all things I.P. As he says, I.P. is an investment but an important one and he’s definitely up to the task no matter where you are in your business or where you plan to go!

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