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We offer the most comprehensive IP consultation out there:

1. We tailor our IP consultancy to the needs of your company.

2. We turn every stone to get ‘full value’ IP extraction.

3. Utilise network of consultants and service providers.

Why should you protect your IP?

If you’ve ever taken out an insurance on any personal possession, then not investing
in intellectual property is an oxymoron.

Dominate Your Market

Protecting your business’ IP ensures that you are able to dominate the market without anyone copying you.


Investors are far more likely to invest in companies that have their IP protected. If you are raising funds, protecting your IP is essential.

Sell Licenses

Grow and strengthen your business’ bottom line by licensing your IP rights people interested in your business.

Bespoke IP Orientation using our “4 Step Growth model”

After completing the contact form at the end of this page, we arrange a private consultation using our proven ‘4 Step Growth Model'. It provides a robust intellectual property assessment designed to maximise your growth potential.


Why your business should make use of intellectual property rights?


Protect your ideas and hard work.


Grow your business using your intellectual property.


Build brand value through strategic use of intellectual property.


"Akeem is a pleasure to work with, extremely generous with his time and more importantly, an expert in all things I.P. As he says, I.P. is an investment but an important one and he’s definitely up to the task no matter where you are in your business or where you plan to go!"
Wendy Oke
TeachKloud CEO
"Whenever I have a question regarding IP or law I always turn to Akeem. He explains complex definitions and laws in a easily understandable way. Akeem always does more than I expect and he makes sure to offer the best service and highest quality of work. I recommend Akeem to all of my friends and acquaintances. He has great values and it is my great pleasure to work with Akeem."
Ani Manukyan
"If you want an IP superhero, Akeem is you, man. Fractional IP, his business, delivers far beyond a typical consulting solution of registrations & advice. They instead add some sensational insight & discovery consulting, asset creation and business IP strategy into the mix. These services are rarely delivered to even an FTSE 1000, and early stage or fast growth SME's benefit massively through implementing these bleeding edge tactics."
Matt Black
Chief Executive Officer at StartupV TV
"Working alongside Akeem was an, all around, inspiring venture. I would highly recommend himself and his team at Fractional IP, they are extremely dedicated and offer a service with no comparison. From my experience, Akeem showed a level of professionalism that I believe would compliment any industry."
Nicholas Panteli
Founder/CEO Attollo – The People’s Development Network

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