Founded in 2017 by Akeem Famuyiwa, Fractional IP is breaking new grounds by introducing a piecemeal approach to the complicated field of IP law — a breakdown that makes it easy for anyone to ensure his or her best idea gets the best compensation.

Our approach to IP asset management came from the insight that there are laws in place that were designed to make sure creators get their just dues.

The digital age has brought many new complications to intellectual property law.

Moreover, easy means of distribution with the speed of innovation means publishers, innovators and business owners need a good grasp of IP law more than ever.

Our Values

We believe that your ideas are the by-product of doing business.

In the modern market, businesses without original ideas don’t go very far. We know that being novel is the best way to set yourself apart from the competition. New ideas could qualify as intellectual property, or IP. Just like physical assets, a lot of time and effort goes into creating the work. We call it cost of expression. With our skills and competence, we can help you recoup the cost of expression by extracting monetary value from these assets.

We believe knowledge acquisition is essential to stimulate growth.

At Fractional IP, we are averse to stagnation and lack of growth. We know what distinguishes a medium-sized company from the bluechip corporations. They are able to make fortunes from the focus on constant research and development, and their ability to enforce and monetize its ideas. To make you break new grounds, we help you focus on innovation and disruption of the status quo.

Our Culture

1. Businesses need a business-oriented IP service. Our approach is to help the client see IP as a shield and sword when considering business strategy.

2. We intuit a future projection delivery by building bridges to help our client transit from the present to the future.

3. Our premise is that intellectual property is most valuable when it creates freedom of action for your business.

4. We know that the battlefield metaphor is a distraction for businesses and does not encourage innovation; we take a collaborative approach rather than exclusion.

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