Current Projects

- To develop an IT system to maintain highly reliable records of the company's processing of raw seafood to finished products to meet market demand and expectation as well as EU and UK legislation.

- To maximise the value of the e-KIS software product to ARFS by identifying the most effective commercialisation strategy for the e-KIS product and effecting the marketing strategy and company infrastructure changes required to achieve this.

- To improve the company's technical expertise in the area of sound insulation, calibrate a new Accoustical Laboratory, and undertake product research and development of acoustic walls and floors.

- To integrate the Environmental Management Strategy to suit new environmental legislation and guidance. To monitor environmental impacts.

- To design, develop and manufacture a new family of air cleaning products, incorporating leading-edge plasma technology, for the medicare (medical applications) and sensitive building markets.

- To design and develop a receptacle for refrigerated items which allows no more than a 3 degree celsius temperature rise over a 12 hour period while exposed to an external temperature of 300 degrees celsius.

- The project will optimise process technology which will have a major impact on production efficiency. To develop and validate an improved continuous process for the production of endotoxin-free water by ion exchange techniques.

- To set up a software engineering division to design software solutions for customers utilising ABS hardware systems.

- To develop a secure and ultra reliable wide area networking system to link and monitor multi site situations and to develop a Biometric access control system, using biometric readers.

- To develop and implement a new software based system for improving the transfer of client data onto the company system. To develop new software integration tools for the provision of an interactive system to link brokers with major insurers

- To provide the strategic initiative and knowledge to transform Addison Lee current IT operations to an Open and Modular information system which can be fully integrated to provide a scalable operational solution.

- To develop and commercialise advanced robotic equipment for applications in the food, pharmaceutical and agricultural sectors**

- To develop, manufacture and market a new product range of enzyme based kits for nucleic acid (DNA and RNA) analysis.

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