Say hello to the next generation of IP counsel.

Building a competitive advantage is not something only bluechip companies do. Our virtual IP counsel tool allows us to provide this service to all kinds of businesses at an economy of scale.

On-Demand Service

A virtual intellectual property counsel that provides critical IP resources via the cloud. The system manages your IP and correspondence remotely.

  • Access to downstream complimentary assets
  • Due diligence activities such as reviewing, drafting and vetting of commercial contracts
  • Bespoke formal and informal IP mechanism
  • Program that solicits the right environment for innovation
  • On-demand training on IP issues and IP risks

One-stop shop consulting services

We'll provide a comprehensive package of services that support you in all phases of the innovation process from the development of an idea up until the commercialisation of intangible assets.

Tailored according to a client’s profile

We tailor our IP consultancy to the needs of your company. We understand that delivering IP service to a high-growth startup or an SME can be very different from offering same service to a bluechip company.

Network of consultants and service providers

We actively build national and international networks of consultants and service providers. Our exchange of experiences puts your IP in the context of an integrated innovation ecosystem.

How We Work

At Fractional IP, we take a comprehensive and collaborative approach to your IP strategy. Once we’re done, it will attract investment and breed sustainable success. We believe that value draws value.

From experience, we found that the problem with small and medium-sized businesses is not that they don’t create value. The issue is their lack of a management system and strategy that extracts the value created. When you become our client, you get the entire bespoke package. We take on the task of managing and introducing intangible or intellectual property assets into your revenue stream.

Covered Services

Our IP consultation will cover the following services which are also provided through the Virtual IP Office. Each service can be unpacked and delivered on an ad-hoc basis.

  • Adding an IP dimension to an existing service

    Business matchmaking; advice on contracts; portfolio development and analysis; CAP and VCC

  • Support and information

    Awareness, trademark and trade dress services

  • IP Management Advice

    Management and protection methods; advice on protection of intellectual assets through IPR; portfolio analysis

  • One-to-one diagnosis

    Assess IP assets, design IP strategies, competitive intelligence

  • Patent and trademark search

    Obtain valuable technology information, avoid duplication (validation/invalidation search), stimulate R&D (accelerated examination search), prevent IPR infringements, avoid inefficient uses of time and company resources, position competitively within the market, patentability search, infringement study, freedom to operate (FTO) search, state-of-the art search

  • Patent drafting and filing

    Patent writing, patent illustration, patent filing (national and PCT), patent licensing, patent assignment, Office Action Response

  • Valuation of intangible assets

    Determine the value of an intangible asset (IP asset management), accurate assessment of the value of an intangible asset (IP valuation and audit), make informed investment and marketing decisions, increase asset values to obtain investments, record self-generated IP on balance sheet

  • Support for commercialisation of IP

    Identify potential clients for your assets, database design for commercial exploitation of technologies, analyse technical and commercial feasibility of ideas and innovations, develop clear and objective profiles of the market feature, assess geographical markets of an intended product, focus IP protection efforts on the relevant market

  • Use IP to raise funds

    Access to potential funding sources, include IP information and strategies in a business plan